our artists

Our artists are featured below, a short bio and a sample of their work.  To view the pieces by each artist go back to the 'our artists' menu above to find a link to each.


guy masterman


Guy Masterman, is an artist, author, academic and an art gallery owner.  With a history of working in sport his focus is on form, movement and balance.  He uses oak and ply together with steel and cement/concrete to play with large and small forms that depict movement while they juxtaposition in seemingly difficult balance.  More abstract than reality, his sculpture is intended to capture a small moment of movement and leave the rest to the imagination.


jo le bouder

painting & sculpture

Jo le Bouder, a French painter and sculptor based in Rennes, creates intensely detailed and highly coloured painting.  He has had three successful series of late, Nudes, Circus and People.  artschool has three originals from the People series and a nude plus two small sculptures.


rosemary gascoyne


Rosemary Gascoyne 1930-2012 was a painter and interior designer.  She was a member of the Dumfries and Galloway art community and produced both still life and abstract work, always full of colour.  artschool has three paintings.


hazel hirst


Hazel Hirst is based in Almondbury, West Yorkshire and as a painter produces somewhat dark and intense pictures. artschool has a number of her most important.


lucianne lassalle


Lucianne Lassalle is a Paris born sculptor now based in Bristol and focuses on body form.  Her interest in the Icarus myth is shared by Guy Masterman and so it was only right for artschool to have one of her Icarus works.  There is also a body line ceramic sculpture available.


emma stothard

steel wire

Emma is based in Whitby and has risen fast in the last few years, exhibiting her life size creatures all over the UK including at Chelsea Flower Show, the Great Yorkshire Show and Prince Charles' garden at Highgrove.


rebecca dearden


Rebecca Dearden is a photographer based in Hebden Bridge.  There are four of her abstract experimental pieces at artschool.


other art work

Mixed Media

artschool has a great number of one-off pieces and a number are featured on this website.  In particular there are signed limited editions by Henry Moore and L S Lowry, pertinent pieces that follow the artschool story, a sketch of a 'Sheep' and a painting 'Huddersfield' respectively.  There are paintings, sculptures and handmade pieces that form a diverse collection of work from around the world, some are anonymous and with no providence but are beautiful and collectable.  Many more are exhibited in the gallery, in the gardens and the house for your viewing when you are ready to visit.